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Name: bob bussey
From: hunger. but i live in nevada city
Time: 2002-11-03 18:52:49
Comments: I want to be on your e-mail list. I have tried to "sign on" but have not been succesful. Say Hi to Boner. He was in the Mine Shaft at least once, and left sober. I'm afraid he might not make it with you guys.

Name: Big Gene Bumblehead [Alias}
From: Escapee from Sacramento
Time: 2002-09-08 21:58:30
Comments: Dear Rufus and Band: Read your websight. Your troup has to be a little CRAZY to keep you from goin' INSANE! Good music with lots of fun. "Spike" Jones may steal some of your material. Keep up the good work. The Parole Officer is Coming to get you,[or is he the 1st coronet?]

Name: "Frenchy" Mark
From: ??????
Time: 2002-08-29 15:32:53
Comments: Former member from 1988-1996ish...lived down in So Cal, but managed to do several gigs a year.... Found the website and thought I would throw in my $0.02 Feel free to e-mail me and I'l update you with whats up with me!!!!

Name: Shirley Mueller
From: North Lake Tahoe
Time: 2002-08-02 10:04:46
Comments: You guys were so entertaining last night. I may steel some beer so I can becme an inmate! Shirley and Carlo

Name: Cagy
From: Ophir Prison
Time: 2002-06-25 10:40:29
Comments: I've heard rumors that Frank the trained chicken is contemplating entering the religious order of Franciscans. If he pursues that path while continuing to do his schtick with his trained tubist, does that mean that someday he'll be a "whole cut-up friar"? Just asking.

Name: Rooky
From: Cell Block E
Time: 2002-06-15 22:23:55
Comments: A sad day in Ophir Prison. Goodbye Jim :-(

Name: Colin & Tina Strohfeldt
From: Citrus Heights
Time: 2002-06-04 09:34:30
Comments: We have enjoyed your antics (performances) in Old Sac for the last few years. We are returning to Australia in August and taking many memories (and your CD) with us. Thanks Guys..Keep it up.

Name: Catherine
Time: 2002-06-01 15:23:42
Comments: Just wanted to "e" a note to say how much I enjoyed your concerts at this year's Jazz Festival. I heard the Band for the first time at last year's festival and made it a point to attend several of your concerts this year. Thanks for your music, fun and continuing support of BEER! P.S. I think it's great that you march in the streets of Old Sac. It makes the Jubilee all that much more like a festival rather than a string of concerts!

Name: Y-NOT
From: Ophir Prison - Cell Block 2
Time: 2002-05-30 10:34:48
Comments: We inmates have a band in the penitentiary. We're familiar with the bars but we cannot get the key.

Name: Pat Burritt
Website: Music For You
From: Sacramento, CA
Time: 2002-05-28 12:05:45
Comments: I have seen you marching at many of the Sac Jubilees but this year was the first time I actually got to sit and hear you play. You are fantastic. I love your group. Your new CD is excellent. Wish I had bought more than one so I could send some to my kids in Tennessee. Being a fellow musician I really did enjoy your group at the Firehouse Lot. I felt sorry for Axel and his heavy drum. Maybe you should get him a stand to set it on for concerts. Hope to see you again soon. Pat

Name: Donna Cudd
From: Stockton, Ca
Time: 2002-05-28 10:32:45
Comments: I heard you guys @ Sac Jazz Jubilee - You're hilarious! Loved your act. Will try to see you at Tahoe or Nevada City this summer. Love Ya! Donna

Name: SteveS
From: SF Bay Area
Time: 2002-05-28 07:49:03
Comments: You guys were a gas ... we saw you in the Firehouse yard on Sunday morning ... we've been attending the Jazz festival for years, but have somehow managed to miss you guys in the past ... never again, though ... you guys are one of the top groups we've ever seen there and one we'll arrange our schedule around in years to come ... it was a great show! ... Thanks

Name: Corinne Mattioli
From: San Jose, CA
Time: 2002-05-27 14:47:10
Comments: Saw your show at the SAC Memorial Jazz Festival. I was never so well entertained by a band. Loved it, will try to see you again in the near future.

Name: Corinne Mattioli
Time: 2002-05-27 14:41:58

Name: The Jokemaster
Website: "What I Did Over My Summer Vacation"
From: Still trying to figure that one out
Time: 2002-05-27 14:03:47
Comments: Judging from the responses on the street, its my reccomendation we gather some new jokes for Rufii. I, being the all-'round-good-guy that I am, am taking up the cause.Since I already receive a pleathe....uhhh... pleathur.....plathora...plattera.... awww screw it... Since I already receive a "crapload" of jokes... I will now begin to actually read them, and submit the ones I deem useable to Rufii for a look-see. If you'd care to join me in my quest... click on the pretty blue name up above ( not THAT far up!), and we'll see what we can do.

Name: Marya
From: Sacramento CA
Time: 2002-05-25 23:11:57
Comments: I saw you guys at the '02 Jazz Festival...you ROCK! (okay, you bang and blow and buzz, but you know what I mean...) Thanks oh-so-much for making the day a delight...and remember: never, NEVER pick up the soap! *wink* ~Marya~

Name: Oddjob
Time: 2002-05-25 22:43:55
Comments: Only two words can describe the gig you guys played at the Freeway Gardens in Old Sacramento for the Jazz Jubilee . . . H O L Y S * * * ! ! ! The band sounded nothing less than AWESOME. I have never before witnessed an audience worked up to such a frenzy. You guys kicked some major butt tonight. Big ups to you all!! P. S. I don't know if you guys heard up on stage, but the audience were singing their hearts out while you were playing (e.g. Beer Barrel Polka, etc.).

Name: Hardtime
Time: 2002-05-25 08:40:06
Comments: I don't know about you guyz, but that one-two punch of "America the Beautiful" followed by Sing-Sing-Sing was too much for me... I had so much water in my eyes I couldn't see the frickin music.. must be not enough beer that makes me all sentimental like that but I couldn't face those 500 faces all singing... it would be a much better show if we could do that without blubbering like a buncha babies... The band sounded pretty good from where I was sitting (3 or 4 blocks away...) and tempos must have been under control because I could actually hear individual notes. This is desperately close to being a respectable band! By the way, whattya think about Ophirs playing a game of "name that tune" with the audience? ..starting with old TV sitcom themes?

Name: Sherry Moura
From: Auburn, CA
Time: 2002-05-21 17:10:46
Comments: I have not seen you guys play yet, but I know if Irv Mazur is in your group you MUST be good and a very fun bunch. Look forward to hearing you toot a few tunes!!

Name: Grabster
From: Cellblock G
Time: 2002-05-20 10:59:25
Comments: Hey... I was practicing the lyrics for Allegaroo..... I've got the lyrics list here in front of me... but can't find the part about "tying the runt in a knot". Is it really there or were you guys just making it up as you went along??

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