"What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?"
--W.C. Fields


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Name: Gray Davis
Website: GD Excuse for a Governor
From: Sacramento
Time: 2003-09-29 23:52:57
Comments: Okay, boys, the clock is ticking and I have yet to receive any er, "contributions" from you. You know how my administration works: Send me the cash, and you'll be out in a flash!

Name: Jeff the Low Brass Guy
From: Auburn, Ca
Time: 2003-09-29 17:26:55
Comments: I am interested in auditioning for your group. I spoke with one of your fine musicians at the Citrus Heights Sunday Funday and was impressed with your family-like atmosphere. Thanks again, and by the way, has anyone heard from a Sax player by the name of Steve Hess? I was first introduced to your group quite a few years ago by him, and I have been living in the area for approx. 8 years. I would like to get in touch with him, as it has been about 15 years. Thanks, Jeff

Name: Cruz Bustamante
From: San Joaquin, CA
Time: 2003-09-26 21:08:26
Comments: As candidates enter the senatorial race to become Senator, I am a candidate in the gubernatorial race to become California's next Goober!

Name: Larry Flint
From: Hollywood
Time: 2003-08-27 11:20:36
Comments: Ahhhghh. My position on that is...well, no pun intended...maybe I shouldn't say what my favorite postion is with those nice inmates. I got a joke...what is the difference between Gary Davis and a prostitute? At least the prostitute performs for 20 bucks.

Name: Gary Coleman
Time: 2003-08-27 11:13:40
Comments: I'll keep this short. Whacha talkin' 'bout Davis? By the way Rufus, do you know any of my former co-workers?

Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger
From: California via Austria
Time: 2003-08-27 10:57:20
Comments: I want to clear up something about the Ophir Prison Band. I've seen the band several times, and I can vouch for the inmates. They really pump me up. As Governor of California, I would pardon them from their current sentences and make them the official band of the State of California. By the way Rufus, thanks for the donation of beer to my campaign.

Name: Gray Davis
From: Sacramento
Time: 2003-08-25 16:11:18
Comments: I may be forced to pardon most of the state prison inmate population to ward off my recall, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Your organization is not fit to be out on the streets, and... well, wait a minute, here... just how much money can you donate?

Name: Charla
From: Sacramento, CA
Time: 2003-07-07 10:56:32
Comments: Rufus: The "Duck" from the Jazz Festival and the CD's made it to Iraq. Brian said to say "Thank you" and that he is glad to see that you guys are "Keeping up the moral back home". He also said to tell you that he is turning the bands name into the Army Recruiter for the Army Marching Band so that "You guys can become useful members of society". Keep up the good work and thanks again!!! Charla

Name: Donna
From: Elk Grove, CA
Time: 2003-05-27 09:23:00
Comments: Watching and participating as part of the audience, was such a blast last Saturday night in the Beer Garden! Most impressive was the drummer...he was awesome! Thanks so much for the great entertainment and giving me an opportunity to kick up my heels for a bit! Hope to see you again and have a "beer" with you!

Name: Randy Stevens
From: Sacramento
Time: 2003-05-26 21:01:25
Comments: We really enjoyed your performance this year (2003) at the Old Town Jazz festival in Sacramento. You were in rare form and were definitely a crowd pleaser! Can we send you some pictures of your performance for your web page? We took quite a few with the digital camera that came out very well. With best regards, Randy and Judi

Name: earl bennett
From: lakewood co
Time: 2003-05-26 21:01:18
Comments: ok i am naive admittedly..saw u sun 5/25 sacto jazz no wsy are you really prisoner .. how stupid of me

Name: Scoop
From: Cellblock 6
Time: 2003-05-04 15:26:50
Comments: Geez, Brian, you must have left early! Stick around longer next time and you can watch us fall down, too!

Name: Brian Clark
From: Redondo Beach, CA
Time: 2003-02-23 18:42:03
Comments: I really enjoyed watching you guys at the Jazz Festival in Sac Town last year. You have a great group of guys and "stand out" as a band. Looking forward to '03 Jazz Festival!

Name: hengank
From: el centro, southern california
Time: 2003-02-17 16:33:28
Comments: are you guys gonna be up at the mohawk valley 4th of july parade again this coming summer in graeagle? you guys are great and funny! drank beer with you guys last summer at the graeagle firehall out front before you went back on the route. keep up the good work!!

Name: Landy (SPUD) Triff
From: Ophir
Time: 2003-02-11 15:57:20
Comments: Hey, what's it take to get back into this (Frank the chicken) outfit?

Name: Wade Roberts
From: Tulare
Time: 2003-01-13 15:20:53
Comments: I'm continually amazed at what you can find on the Internet! Out of the blue I type Ophir Prison in the browser and you guys pop up. After 25 years the band is still going, and what's more amazing, I actually recognize some of the faces. John and Bob, you bring new meaning to the word "lifer."

Name: Ralph Garcia
Time: 2003-01-06 18:41:13
Comments: YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Saw your performance at the New Year's thing in Old Sacramento and wished I'd have gotten there earlier to catch your entire show. PS] Say hi to that little bald guy that sits in front? My girlfriend's friend wants to rub it all night long...

Name: bob bussey
From: hunger. but i live in nevada city
Time: 2002-11-03 18:52:49
Comments: I want to be on your e-mail list. I have tried to "sign on" but have not been succesful. Say Hi to Boner. He was in the Mine Shaft at least once, and left sober. I'm afraid he might not make it with you guys.

Name: Big Gene Bumblehead [Alias}
From: Escapee from Sacramento
Time: 2002-09-08 21:58:30
Comments: Dear Rufus and Band: Read your websight. Your troup has to be a little CRAZY to keep you from goin' INSANE! Good music with lots of fun. "Spike" Jones may steal some of your material. Keep up the good work. The Parole Officer is Coming to get you,[or is he the 1st coronet?]

Name: "Frenchy" Mark
From: ??????
Time: 2002-08-29 15:32:53
Comments: Former member from 1988-1996ish...lived down in So Cal, but managed to do several gigs a year.... Found the website and thought I would throw in my $0.02 Feel free to e-mail me and I'l update you with whats up with me!!!!

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